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M.R.Ortwein’s Photography
Photography is my way of showing how beautiful the world is. 
Never lose an opportunity of Photographing anything beautiful,
for beauty is God’s handwriting.
You are beautiful in every way.
The love my wife and I share for each other and our children helps us form the team needed to capture the important moments in your life.
We have been asked to freeze time during those precious glimpses of life such as Weddings, Graduations and Family Photos.
The honor that your happiness brings us, led us to fulfill our dreams of becoming professional photographers.
My experience and the support from my family have guided me to pursue my education at the New York Institute of Photography.
I have spent the last fifteen years photographing wildlife, rock bands, family functions, and my beautiful wife and kids.
We ask that you consider our family when you are searching for a quality photographer for your family.
The family component we are able to offer enhances our skills when photographing your weddings, graduations, and portraits.
We are confident that you will always be able to refer back and relive the love captured in the pictures we take.
From our family to yours.
  • Eight hours wedding coverage (Additional time $50.00/hr)
  • Wedding photography planning session
  • An engagement shoot
  • Two Photographers
  • 20 page Photo  Book
  • Two CDs (Touched-up & non-touched/jpeg images)
  • Six hours wedding coverage (Additional time $75.00/hr)
  • Wedding photography planning session
  • Two Photographers
  • 15 page Photo  Book
  • CD (10 touched/the rest non-touched/jpeg images)
  • Four hours at wedding site (Additional time $100.00/hr)
  • Wedding photography planning session
  • Two photographers
  • 10 page Photo Book
  • CD (non-touched /jpeg images)

All photos have released copyrights with no extra cost


One hour photo shoot
10 to 15 photos
Black or white Muslin background
One outfit



Two hour photo shoot

40 to 50 photos

Indoor and local outdoor

Two outfits




60 to 75 photos

Indoors and outdoors within city limits

Three to four outfits




Two hour photo shoot

40 to 50 photos
Indoor or Outdoor
All photos have released copyrights with no extra cost

“Matthew does a great job of photography. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking for photographer.” June 13, 2012

Wayne Tomlinson“Matthew takes wonderful posed portraits as well as candid photos. He and his wife work closely together and do a wonderful job working with the subjects. Their photographs are beautiful.” April 3, 2012

Beth Tomlinson

“Matthew is very patient. He is the first photographer to get my triplets to cooperate. As a result, we got the best set of family photos we’ve had since the kids were babies. Thank you, Matt!” March 16, 2012

Nancy McKenzie

“I am Matthew’s assistant when photographing and editing. Without Matthew, I would not be where I am today as a photographer. One thing I know about Matt is he learns much faster than the average person. He puts many hours into his work and takes it to the next level. If you are looking for a photographer with a drive, Matt would be a great pick.” March 20, 2012

Rosina Ortwein

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  1. I have used many photographers in my life and I think that Mrphoto is the best ever! They took way more pictures than they quoted and each turned out fantastic. Very, very pleased!

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